What Folks Are Saying

about Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk

Vidar Bakke

Your book on Tcl/Tk is excellent. I was more or less forced to create a multi platform version of an application for machine control and Tcl/Tk was the right tool. Your book made me productive in 3 days. Without your book I would never been hooked on Tcl/Tk. A number of good (and relevant) examples with source code and a well written text was enough to make me a Tcl/Tk evangelist :-) If I had discovered Tcl/Tk a few years back I could have spent more time away from work (or more time on other stuff...) I wonder why Tk is not more widely used?

Monty Swiryn, CEO of Cuesta Technologies, LLC

I've been getting into your new book lately and it has really paid off. I'm not a programmer, and yet I can actually read, understand, and follow your explanations of Tcl's intricacies, what to do, what to avoid, etc. With Practical Programming as a guide, I've been able to fix bugs in code that I previously didn't even understand, and I've even been able to add new funtionality to some of our modules. My ability to do this has actually resulted in savings of time and money, as it has freed our more senior programmers to work on the 'harder' stuff!

Chris Grandinetti, Software Quality Assurance, DEC

I just started reading a copy of your Second Edition book. From what I have read so far, it is excellent! Very descriptive and the examples are excellent. When I first started with Tcl/Tk, it was your first book that helped me get going. I found it to be the best source of finding easy to follow examples.

Charlie Brooks, OpenGroup

Count me in a satisfied customer of both editions of your book. It has made Tcl accessible to me, and I refer to it daily. Thanks for a very useful work.

Peter Czaja, student University of Paderborn

I wish to express my acknowledgments for your book "Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk". It's really helpful for getting into the topic. Especially the "Hot Tips" created some insight into errors that occured earlier when just trying to adopt existing Tcl programs without deeper knowledge.

Paul Takemura, Northgrum.com

Your book is incredibly helpful to me. I carry it around everywhere. I show people stuff I've done. They're impressed, but suspicious. I feel as if I've stumbled upon some secret...

Dan Brian, Clockwork Internet, Inc

I picked up Practical Prog. in Tcl & Tk yesterday - nice job. Well written, easy to implement, and it has lots of stuff I couldn't find in other refs (sockets, network operations, etc.).

Richard Steele, Xerox

...love the book, though I've mostly just skimmed the 2nd ed. for new material; the first was invaluable in previous projects.

Julian Stacey, FreeBSD

I have to learn TCL/TK to meet a deadline. There was another book in the shop, half the size, I initially wanted to buy that mainly 'cos it was light to hold & read on a park bench, but unfortunately, it was by an unknown (to me), & older tcl/tk ver. too. so largely I bought your book 'cos of having used exmh & liking it, despite physical weight of book :-)

Erik Vallow, Lucent Technologies

I liked your first addition of 'Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk' quite a bit, and just ordered the second eddition via Amazon.com. I like the added treatment of sockets, regular expressions, and other enhancements which you've made to the 2nd edition. Looking forward to its release!