July, 2003 Gack - there have been two reports that some copies of the CD-ROM are wrong - containing some audio disk. I don't know how widespread this problem is - all the copies I have access to are good. Contact me if you have a bad disk.

My editor says: I just spoke to the duplicator. He explained to me that sometimes there are "scrap" cd's at the bottom of a spindle (and, normally, we would never get to the physical point of the "scrap" cd's, but, apparently, this time we did). He assured me that there should be no more than a few (less than 10) that would have gone out with the wrong material. He has 50+ cd's on hand from the last run that he has tested and are all fine. He is going to put these into mailers and get them out to me asap to use as replacements. This should more than cover the problems that may come up.

February 2004 - So far I've received about 5 reports of this problem.